Providing complete solutions in ATM hardware, software and electronic banking services to banks and credit unions.

Phoenix Diversified Group and Nautilus Hyosung are committed to enabling maximum cost reduction, security and creating new business opportunities for our clients. Please see our ATM solutions below. 

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Off-Premise ATMs

Phoenix can help you expand, manage, and optimize your off-premise ATM network and increase your visibility in your marketplace. 

One of the most difficult tasks that any financial institution faces is how to effectively and economically expand their reach into the community. One very effective way is throught the strategic deployment of off-premise advanced function ATMs. Through our ATM placement program with our partner company Flite ATM, Inc, we can provide ATM placement opportunities on Walmart parking lots. These are the busiest, highest profile parking lots in the United States.

Exclusive and Customized Branding

Each off-premise ATM location is a direct extension of your customer services and brand image. Therefore, it is paramount that a Phoenix managed location properly displays your colors, logos, trade markets, and other identifying marks that build trust and comfort for your customers. We work hand-and-hand with your marketing team or brand agency to eliminate any question for your customer that the ATM belongs to you.

Professionally Managed Facilities

We take enormous pride in managing off-premise ATM locations for financial institutions. Each location is professionally designed, engineered, constructed and maintained. From proper curbing to above standard LED lighting, our ATM facilities are designed for easy and safe access by the ATM user. With customers visiting the ATM more frequently than the branch, it is important that we exceed expectations in term of accessibility, security, cleanliness, and availability. It is our job to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied with their ATM experience.

The Phoenix off-premise ATM program gives you:

  • Access to the largest retail parking lot in the USA
  • Customer focused drive through design
  • Strategic ATM placement to maximize user convenience
  • Custom electronic signage board
  • LED high-bright illumination
  • 24 hour video surveillance
  • Advanced function self-service kiosk with image deposit ATM
  • 24 hour surveillance with high definition IP cameras
  • Increased market presence.

Branch Transformation

We are uniquely positioned in your footprint to provide best-in-class solutions and services.

In the last few years, a lot has been said about the need for financial institutions to rethink their branch strategies. Institutions of all sizes, including banks and credit unions, recognize the need to revolutionize the consumer banking experience. Following the work completed with a variety of financial institutions, Hyosung has developed a list of best practices to help guide the industry through similar projects. Click Here to download this Research.

Work with our team of experts to gain valuable insight into building your branch transformation plan, focusing on the employee and customer experience, while quantifying the ROI of your investment. Customized workshops are available to build a unique strategy for your organization with turn-key templates for measuring results.  Click Here for more Information

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Teller Cash Recycler Proof of Concept Program. We are so confident  that our Teller Cash Recycler will exceed your expectations, we will install one at your branch at no cost for a specified period of time. We will work together with you to establish the benchmarks for a successful pilot.  Click here to Learn More About Our Solutions.


Managed Services

Together, Phoenix Diversified Group and Flite Banking Centers offer a comprehensive ATM solution backed by in-house technologies and premier local fleet servicing.

From an operational standpoint, you will substantially reduce your resources, risk and capital while achieving enhanced ATM performance visibility.

With the ATM growing in functionality and importance, it is our goal to not only solve for operational issues, but, equally important, to create the best ATM experience for your Customers and Members.